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3 Installing JOTM-BTP

JOTM-BTP is available under two configurations:

3.1 From a package

JOTM-BTP package can be downloaded from JOTM SourceForge page (
To install JOTM-BTP from a package, unzip the file with gunzip and tar on Unix systems and winzip on Windows.
This will create a new directory jotm-btp-x.y/.

3.2 From CVS

CVS provides network-transaparent source control for groups of developers (more info at
Working with CVS allows you to do things like cvs status or cvs diff and any other read-only CVS command.
To get JOTM from CVS, type:
$ cvs -d login
$ CVS password: [type Enter]
$ cvs -d co -P jotm-btp
This will create a working repository of JOTM in the jotm-btp/ directory.

Jeff Mesnil 2003-05-15